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My name is Jasmine Sieber and I welcome you to Happy Dog Days, where it’s all about creating a quality life for your dog(s) !

Animals are my passion and dogs are the ones I feel most connected to. For the past 30 years I’ve always been around a pack of dogs, studying their behavior and finding out what gives dogs the best quality life. My dogs are always around me among other house pets. To me it all starts with a solid commitment, and providing an environment where dogs can thrive and get the upmost care and nutrition possible.  I also love socializing my pets so they respect each other and live together harmoniously. Enjoy the knowledge that I have to share with you!


My mom used to raise St. Bernards as our family pets in Switzerland. I remember that she handled our giant dogs extremely well. At that time, hardly anybody was talking about dog behavior or any deeper understanding of the true canine nature.  I am forever thankful to my mom, for teaching me that love and commitment for our animals, keeping consistent rules, and providing lots of exercise, are vital for a lifelong bond between dogs and humans.

A dream came true when we moved to Canada and I got myself a beautiful male English Mastiff puppy. Large breed dogs have always fascinated me!  My husband and I opened a commercial goat dairy and took care of 300 goats. We were looking for a livestock protection dog for our goat herd and excitedly adopted our first Komondore.  A while later, the opportunity came up for an apricot female Mastiff. I couldn’t resist and soon after we planned our first Mastiff litter. Over the years I’ve rescued St.Bernards, as well as ventured into Catahoulas, Cane Corsos and Pointers. Our dogs live in the house with the family and have learned to respect our cats, chickens in the yard, and the horses in the field. I thoroughly studied their body language and took courses in animal behaviour. I loved the challenge to socialize our Catahoula puppy with our cats and chickens, since that breed is known to have heavy hunting and chasing instincts. Today he is the most gentle of all my dogs and enjoys being best friends with all our family pets.


The relationship between our dogs and us is one of the most satisfying of all. A dog’s love is unconditional. Their adaptiveness is unsurpassed. Dogs are always honest and their loyalty is beyond anything humans can offer. From the  bottom of my heart, I wish for every canine on this planet, to have a loving, committed owner, that knows how to be passionate and committed to care for his best companion! To be in a happy dog place.


Dogs are sentient beings with feelings and emotions. Every single dog in this world deserves a committed owner. Too often, behavior problems arise because people decide to get themselves a striking looking dog, without truly understanding its nature. My goal is to help you realize your dog’s needs, so you can live a quality life together with a deep bond based on respect and trust. My interest is to prove that you can achieve harmony between all family members and your dog, as well as harmony with other pets in your house hold. I am sure you understand me when I say that dogs have the capacity to teach us timeless, unconditional love by simply being here beside us. Their presence is always meaningful and full-filling.

If you have questions, feel free to leave them below or email me direct: jasmine@happydogdays.ca

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All the best,

Jasmine Sieber

Founder of HappyDogDays

My first Mastiff litter more than 20 years ago. My baby daughter in the back.

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