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Create a loving environment for you and your dog.

I love to help create a better world for dogs and their families.

Welcome to Happy Dog Days, where it’s all about creating a quality life for your dog(s)!

My name is Jasmine Sieber. Animals are my passion and dogs are the ones I feel most connected to. For the past 30 years I’ve always been around a pack of dogs, studying their behavior and finding out what gives dogs the best quality life. Click on the tab below to read my story.

Happy Dog Days

Matching your lifestyle with the bread of dog

Truly understand your dog's nature and create a deeper relationship with your dog.

Happy Dog Days

New Release

Happy Dog Days: Love, Commitment, Leadership, the Essentials for Successful Dog Owners.

This book will quickly give you some essential knowledge in enjoyable, easy-to-understand language that will help deepen the relationship between you and your dog. Follow the advice in this book and you will see how you and your dog will grow together.

Happy Dog Days

Understanding Body Language

The dogs body language and facial expression shows how he or she feels. If you own a dog, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself about what your dog is trying to tell you with its canine body language.

Happy Dog Days

Dogs and your Family

Your dog will feel extremely comfortable when you show him clear daily rules, enforced with consistency so it always knows what to expect of you. It's important to teach your family about dog behaviour and how to help them thrive.

Happy Dog Days

The Human and Canine Relationship

It is imperative to educate ourselves, our family, children and friends simply everybody that comes in touch with our dog. A well-informed dog owner will have very little issues with his or her dog, he or she will have a well-behaved and happy dog.


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